Frequently Asked Questions IQS v5/6

FAQs - Installation

Q: After installing IQS, I am being asked for a password when I start the program.

A: The default password for the user IQS is located on page 1-1 of the User Guide. Remember that the password is case sensitive.

Q: How do I uninstall IQS?

A: Open the Add/Remove Programs Properties dialog box by clicking Start, pointing to Settings, clicking Control Panel, and then double-clicking Add/Remove Programs. Select ‘Incident Qualifications System' to complete the uninstall.

Q: After entering IQS for the first time, I receive a message that IQS cannot find the Access data engine, Would you like to locate it now?

A: Select to locate and navigate to the folder where msaccess.exe exists on your machine. It will be located in the following folders in most instances. If it is not in the locations listed below, search for msaccess.exe and then select that path. You will be prompted a second time for the same information.

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FAQs - Configuration

Q: How to add a new user, since the NEW button is grayed out?

A: To add a new user, highlight the current user name, and start typing the new user's id. As you start to type, the NEW button will become active. When you are finished typing in the new user's id, click on the NEW button. Continue with the new user setup as described on page 2-2 of the IQS User's Manual and Technical Reference.

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FAQs - Updates

Q: I have upgraded to a new release of IQS. After installing the new version I am having difficulty accessing my data or I am having difficulty completing the update process for my database.

A: Download and follow the instructions in the release notes. In addition, be sure to update each version of IQS before moving on to the next version. For example, if upgrading from version 3.11 to 5 you must complete the update for version 4 first and then version 5 upgrade.

Q: Received the error message: The Microsoft Jet database engine cannot open the file 'C:\iqs\iqs.mdb'. It is already opened exclusively by another user, or you need permission to view its data. You may have also received a message that you do not have a current license or your license is not up to date.

A: The iqs.mdb file has the attribute of read-only. Open Windows Explorer, navigate to the folder where the iqs.mdb file is saved. Right mouse click on iqs.mdb, select properties. Uncheck read-only at the bottom of the properties screen. Select apply then ok.

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Q: My organization does not allow the use of Social Security numbers. What numbering scheme can I use and not cause duplicates in ROSS?

A: We do not recommend the use of Social Security numbers in IQS. The new version of IQS, IQSweb uses a GUID (Global Unique ID) that is assigned by the application.

Q: Is there a way to filter which qualifications are sent to ROSS?

A: Use v6.0 of IQS. This release allows you to select which qualifications are exported to ROSS by using the Preferred Position field.

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FAQs - Reports

Q: You receive an error message stating that the Reports Interface has not been properly installed or after selecting to preview/produce a report you see a program flashing in the Taskbar which requires you to use the Task Manager to stop the program.

A: Problem: IQS uses MS Access to create reports. IQS uses a registry entry to define where the MSACCESS.exe file is located. When you receive this error the location of MSACCESS.exe in the registry is not correct. This can happen by not selecting the correct path the first time you run IQS, (See the Installation faq describing the Access data engine location) or by installing/upgrading MS Access.

    Solution: There are two methods to correct this problem.

  1. Backup your IQS database and save it to a different folder than c:\iqs. (Normal location: c:\iqs\iqs.mdb). Uninstall and then reinstall IQS. Refer to the Installation faq on selecting the correct location of the Access data engine.
  2. Correct the MSAccess.exe path in the registry. Close IQS before beginning. Select Start/Run and type 'regedit'. Caution: Making incorrect changes in the registry could make your computer or software operate incorrectly. Navigate to the registry key, 'Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Pro-2-Serve\Incident Qualifications System\Reports'. Double click on the MSAccess_Path value on the right side of the screen and change to the correct path for the MSACCESS.exe file. The default location used when installing MS Access is shown below. Please verify the correct path before making the change. After making the change select 'OK'. Close Regedit and run a report in IQS.
    • Office 2007 – c:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office12\MSACCESS.EXE
    • Office 2003 – c:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office11\MSACCESS.EXE
    • Office XP – c:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office10\MSACCESS.EXE

Q: You receive an error message concerning macro security while running reports.

A: MS Access 2003 Users

    MS Access 2007 Users

Report should work correctly.

Q: You receive an 3734 error message while running reports.

A: The error message reads:

    IQS Report Request.cmdProduceReport_Click_Error Number: 3734

    Description: The database has been placed in a state by user 'IQSVBApp' on machine 'your machine name' that prevents it from being opened or locked.

    Problem: Adobe Acrobat Standard or Professional installs an application enhancement for Access that allows the creation of Acrobat documents from the push of an icon within the Access application. The addition of the enhancement interferes with the custom report menus within IQS. We have submitted a bug report to Adobe to this problem.

    Solution: We recommend uninstalling the Acrobat PDF maker for MS Access to resolve this problem. Please click on the document link below to download instructions on how to uninstall the Acrobat PDF maker for MS Access.

3734 Error Fix Document

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