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March 10, 2016

IQSweb v4.0.2 UPDATE is available for download. Read more..

Couple of critical things you must do with this release:

  1. Please backup your database before you begin this process.
  2. This install requires a complete uninstall and reinstall of IQSweb.  We are using a new installer that provides us with greater flexibility.  You will notice that there is only one install file instead of two.
    1. There is one minor issue with the 32-bit installer. When the 32-bit installer is run, the default site name is IQSweb, not IQS. This does not affect the use of the application, just the url that people would access it by. The workaround is simple, just change the site name from IQSweb to IQS in the IIS configuration step on the installation process. This only affects the 32-bit installer and not the 64-bit installer. The majority of people now use 64-bit versions of Windows (Microsoft is slowly dropping support for 32-bit versions).
  1. You will need to install a new security certificate for ROSS.  Do not remove the current security certificate for ROSS until you hear from us.  It will be required to continue to connect to ROSS until everyone has upgraded to v4.0.2.  IQSweb v4.0.2 will automatically switch to using the new certificate when the change is made. Please contact your regional representative to obtain the security certificate.
May 4, 2010

Windows 7 Compatibility information and future support of IQS v5/6. Read more..

June 30, 2009

If you are using any version of IQS prior to 5.0, please contact your States Representative before upgrading to IQSweb. Read more..

What is the Incident Qualification System

IQS logoThe Incident Qualification System (IQS) is a software program that allows the user to track incident qualifications, experience, tasks books and fitness levels for individuals within various organizational levels throughout your agency. IQS also allows the user to analyze the organization's training needs and schedule training based upon the agency needs for incident management personnel.